Psalm 23
The parable of the good samaritan

also demonstrates that God is compassionate

Jesus used the parable to show that to love our neighbour:

is to help a stranger from a culture our culture dislikes
           not just to help our friends

there was no blame to the rescued wounded man

God  IS compassionate

       We are hardly going to turn to a God we see as harsh or distant or demanding

when we already have trust issues

when we have been abused or neglected  or abandoned by people in positions of power.

we arn't going to be impressed with God as our heavenly Father if we have experienced fatherlessness.

     Our heads are full of so many unBiblical concepts of God

that we rightly rejected.

rejecting false concepts of God - no matter how religous the teacher

no matter how learnered the  teacher

      In His three year public ministry, Jesus Christ taught many things.

One thing He sought to do was to clarify who God is.

He likened God to a caring shepherd (carer of sheep) One who left His 99 sheep to find and rescue and bring home the ONE lost sheep.

see Matthew Chapter 18 verses 10 - 14 or Like 15 verses 4 - 7 (NIV)

no where does He blame the sheep for getting caught in the bushes

He carries the wounded sheep home.

     God is kind and compassionate.

     God is the rescuer of those who trust Him - the same way a rescue team rescues those who trust them.

      Trust must be earned.

       The trustee must demonstrate he is trustworthy.

               God does answer our questions

               God builds trust

       God shows that He is a loving, caring, trustworthy Father.

.more to come.