Faith comes by hearing
hearing the word of God

How will they hear without a preacher?

Preaching ( proper preaching) builds faith.
The foundation of repentance
has kept my Christian life secure
when I have passed through stormy times.

The Parable of the farmer scattering seed.

Jesus used this parable to illustrate that, just like a farmers scattered seed,

the word of God will bear fruit

IF it lands on an open, responsive, well prepared heart.

How we can prepare our hearts to hear, receive and nurture

the word of God to produce fruit in our lives .

       The links to other pages on this sub-domain  develop different aspects of preparing our hearts.
       These principles have sustained me  during my life
and prepared me  for the last two years when I have been processing csa.

this page is just being developed - in the early stages
just building the basic structure today  - Orhodox Christmas Day 2011.