If we confess our sins,
He who is faithful and just will forgive us our sins
and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 John 1 verse 9
context 1 John Chapter 1 verse 1 - 10 (NIV)

Psalm 51

Repentance from the sins we have committed.

     Repentance is NOT a guilt trip.

        Repentance is NOT coming under condemnation.

     Repentance is NOT inventing sins to fill in time when sitting in the confessional box once a week

      Repentance is hating the sin

      Repentance is leaving a thought, an attitude, a behaviour, an addiction behind. It's leaving an old way for God's way.

      Repentance follows being open to God activating our conscience.

      It has been suggested that the conscience is a part of our personality that God comes into. How much He influences us may well depend on how much we invite Him to speak through our conscience

and how responsive we are to His activation of our conscience.

     Sin is not just the gross sin. Its more than murder or theft.

its arrogance, its greed, selfishness, rebellion

and immorality - in all it's forms.

    Forgiveness without repentance is shallow and lacks the power

to change our lives it was intended to have.

    In my early twenties there was a Christian revival.

I went to meetings - small, large, where we felt God prompting us to repent and be forgiven. My Life was forever changed.

Repentance is a foundation of my Christian life.